“It’s been my privilege to be Marshall’s pastor for the past few years. He has ministered to me and our church in a great way! His encouragement and insight into ministry has helped our young church avoid many pitfalls. What sets his coaching apart is his ability to move leaders past mere information to implementation. This approach serves to produce remarkable results and lasting change that is sorely needed in many of our ministries. I hope that you will jump at the opportunity to invest in training that will benefit the people God has entrusted to you.” by Stacey, Pastor in the Southeast U. S.


“Ministry Design Concepts has been coaching me for almost four years now. I started with the coaching while I was in seminary, finding that, although seminary was fantastic, it left me woefully inadequate in much of the practical realm. MDC has guided me through seminary, preparation to launch a church, and the first year and a half of ministry at GracePoint Church in Maine. MDC has helped me understand how God has hard-wired me (both gifts and weaknesses), the DNA of our community, and how to structure a church that engages the community and develops believers. It’s not overstating the case to say that MDC has been the difference between failure and success for me and GracePoint Church. I’m excited to see more lives and ministries changed for the glory of His name.” by Andrew, a Pastor in the Northeast 


“What a blessing you were to our church and to me personally during our days together last week.  Your messages were timely, clear, and well received.  You communicated well your love for God’s people and your desire for all of us to love and trust God, remain aligned within His love and get focused on moving forward with Him.  You have made a positive impact on us that I hope will be life-changing and long-lasting.  I hope our folks aren’t too disappointed to have me preach to them again!I appreciate all you have done to encourage me.  Although we have not spent an enormous amount of time together, you have impacted me greatly and I am grateful.  I look forward to the times God allows us to have together in the future. I believe God has gifted you well for the role in which He has now placed you.  Thank you for being obedient.” by Tim, a Pastor in Southeast


“I met Marshall in the Spring of 2009 as our church was in the middle of planning for a new sanctuary.  We were a rapidly growing church in need of direction and guidance.  As a young pastor, I had never experienced the changes we were going through so the experience and wisdom that Marshall brought to the table was priceless.  He lead us through the planning and development process, and he was an adviser to me as we looked for ways to accommodate and continue growth.  Marshall has been an asset to our ministry here at Grace and a trusted friend that I continue to call on. by Blake, a Pastor in the Southeast


“Being in the ministry can be very trying at times. How many of us have wanted to give up and throw in the towel due to stagnant church growth, increasing frustration with ministry, or ministry burnout? That was me several years ago. I was truly ready to throw in the towel. Through God’s providence, I met a man by the name of Marshal Shannon who simply took the time to have lunch with me and my wife to encourage us to keep on keeping on. After that meeting, I lost touch with Marshall for several years before we reconnected. Once again, I was feeling the pain of burnout and wasn’t seeing too much hope for my church to move beyond our stagnation to experience a time of growth. After a few lunches and a meeting with our church’s leadership team, Marshall offered to serve as my (our) ministry coach. I cannot tell you what a tremendous encouragement Marshall has been to me and to our church. He has poured his time and energies into helping me (us) figure out how our church can become healthy and start on the pathway to growth. Due to Marshall’s coaching and encouragement, I felt empowered to challenge our people to take steps toward health, and I must say that we are beginning to see the results! Our church is encouraged and excited about what God is doing and getting ready to do with and through our church. Although God is ultimately responsible for what is going on in our church, Marshall has been an instrument that God has used to get us where we are now. Therefore, I would like to highly recommend Marshall Shannon and Ministry Design Concepts for all of your coaching needs. From experience, I know that Marshall has a passion for seeing North American Churches become healthy so that the Church in North America can start experiencing Kingdom growth.” by Thomas, a Pastor in the Southeast


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Marshall Shannon as we look to develop our new church property. I am particularly thankful that as someone going through a building program for the first time, he has been most helpful in guiding me and our men and has taught me much. As a veteran in the ministry having gone through several building programs himself when he pastored, Marshall brings the wisdom of years of practical first-hand experience as well as professional expertise in the field of church development. He is a treasure trove of valuable knowledge and is passionate about seeing the work of Christ advance through local church ministry. As a gifted coach and consultant, Marshall has much to offer the local church pastor and you will soon find him to be a very good friend as well as a vital ministry partner. I enthusiastically recommend him to you to help you make your building program a success and a real blessing to all who are engaged in expanding the impact of your local church ministry. by Mike, a Pastor in the Southeast


“When we got serious about expanding our building last year, it felt like we were starting s long, demanding journey without the benefit of a “map app”.  We didn’t even know for sure where our blue dot was, let alone what route we should take to get where we needed to be. Marshall Shannon’s patient, experienced, and step-b-step instructions (via Skype) helped us figure out where we were, where we wanted to go, and how to get there.” by Kevin, a Pastor on the West Coast


“It has been a great blessing and help to our church to work with ministry consultant Marshall Shannon for over three years now. His specific ministry to our church has been pre-construction navigation. The effectiveness of a ministry project partner is tested when some area of the project does not go as planned. When those areas have surfaced, Marshall has been very helpful. Building projects are full of potential landmines and he has been careful to point these out as he has detected them in our discussions as we moved through the different stages of this process. One trait that is critical in a partnership: honesty. I always know I can count on Marshall to tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. “He that is first in his own cause seemeth just, but his neighbor cometh and searcheth him.” Proverbs 18:17. I am so appreciative of my “neighbor” searching my ideas and plans. With Marshall’s ministry experience as a pastor, he is not limited to only giving insight into the specific building project at hand. He makes this building project experience a much broader ministry training opportunity. I believe the Lord has used him to help me become more effective in ministry, and the benefits will continue long after this particular building project is complete. Honesty, broad ministry training, and navigating construction project landmines. I praise the Lord for sending Marshall Shannon into the ministry of our church.” Mark, a pastor in the Southwest


“Marshall Shannon has not only been a faithful consultant but has also become a loyal friend. His insightful counsel across a variety of ministry fields comes from a depth of career experience and partnerships with industry professionals. The resources he provides on his website (both the videos and the supplemental documents) are worth their weight in gold! The materials he has gathered together would provide the equivalent in classroom hours of multiple graduate level degrees for a “Kindergarten” price. I would highly recommend utilizing Marshall Shannon for your church consulting needs. He helped us solidify our ministry purpose, mission, and vision statements as well as walk through the sale of old church properties, the purchase of new property, and the development process for site planning and building a new sanctuary. We’ve also utilized his training videos and his personal consulting input for fundraising needs for our new building program. The best way to describe Marshall’s services are to call him the “one stop shop for ministry planning.” Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with him. You’ll be sorry you did.” Ryan, a pastor in the Southwest