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“The Unoccupied Fields” by Tim Keesee, executive director of Frontline Missions International

Special Thanks to our friends at Frontline Missions International for providing the guest blog below. I believe it will challenge and burden you with the great need and potential resting in the 1040 window!


“The Unoccupied  Fields” by Tim … Read the rest

Tools to help you Discover and Develop God’s Vision for Your Ministry

Every Church and Ministry needs to discern and develop God’s vision for their future. How can we lead our congregations if we don’t know where God wants us to take them? The resources below are designed to help you discover … Read the rest

What happens if you fail to update your ministry and facilities?

Some years ago my wife, myself and our two sons had the opportunity to serve as “secret shoppers” for a local restaurant chain. We were reimbursed the cost of our meals each time we ate at their restaurant as long … Read the rest

The Components of your Ministry Design

Every organization, whether for profit or non-profit, has a design. Below are common components of any organization’s design.

  • Code: This is who the organization really is.
  • Culture: This is what is acceptable and not acceptable in the organization.
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What Happens If A Church Does Not Give Attention to Their Mission?


What Happens if A Church Doesn’t Pay Proper Attention to Their Mission?

If Churches don’t give proper attention to their mission they WILL NOT HAVE…

  • A Clear Direction
  • A Determined Destination
  • Clarity about their Duty
  • Knowledge on How to 
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How will you consistently prepare your Guest Service Team to Serve?

How will you equip your guest service staff to serve week in and week out? I believe you should design and develop a game plan to educate and energize them.

Educate them.

First, communicate and coordinate your ministry schedule. Remind … Read the rest

Discovery, Invention and Innovation for Ministry

What is the difference between Discovery, Invention and Innovation…and what does this have to do with your ministry?

Discovery is finding something that already exists and has been around for a long time. For example: Isaac Newton discovered gravity.… Read the rest

A Strategic Planning Checkup

—What are the signs that your church needs to develop a Strategic Plan?
  • If someone asks your leadership team where your church will be in one year and you don’t have an answer or everyone on your team gives
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