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How to get 90% of your visitors to join

Special thanks to our guest blogger today, Josh Hunt. Josh is an author and he provides bible study lessons for churches. Check out his website, www.joshhunt.com!

How to get 90% of your visitors to join

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The Components of your Ministry Design

Every organization, whether for profit or non-profit, has a design. Below are common components of any organization’s design.

  • Code: This is who the organization really is.
  • Culture: This is what is acceptable and not acceptable in the organization.
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What Happens If A Church Does Not Give Attention to Their Mission?


What Happens if A Church Doesn’t Pay Proper Attention to Their Mission?

If Churches don’t give proper attention to their mission they WILL NOT HAVE…

  • A Clear Direction
  • A Determined Destination
  • Clarity about their Duty
  • Knowledge on How to 
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Avoid Mission Drift in Your Guest Service Ministry

Every Guest Service Ministry must be ON PURPOSE with a PURPOSE.

Why do you have a guest service ministry?

What are you trying to accomplish?

What drives your guest service ministry?

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