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We Are Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto!


We Are Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto!


Think of how you would react if you knew with certainty that the following would be doubled in the next few years: your chance of being severely injured following off a ladder, … Read the rest

How Well Organized Are the Ministries In Your Church Part THREE

If you had to grade each ministry in your church on how well they are organized how would you score each of them? How would you know how to score them? What would your “score card” look like? What would … Read the rest

How do you make disciples that make disciples that will in turn make more disciples?

Good morning %FIRSTNAME%.

I coached youth baseball for years, and my Dad before me, and now our oldest son is coaching his children. I married into a coaching family. I guess you could say it is a part of our

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On Purpose with a Purpose

At the core of ministry architecture and engineering is intentional design (on purpose) and destination (with purpose). You have to decide why your ministry exist and what you are trying to accomplish and who you want … Read the rest

The Top 5 Reasons Churches Are In Decline

From your own experience what would you list as the top 5 reasons churches are declining in our country? I don’t have research at my finger tips to support my own thoughts on this topic but I offer what I … Read the rest

“The Unoccupied Fields” by Tim Keesee, executive director of Frontline Missions International

Special Thanks to our friends at Frontline Missions International for providing the guest blog below. I believe it will challenge and burden you with the great need and potential resting in the 1040 window!


“The Unoccupied  Fields” by Tim … Read the rest

Do you fully understand the unchurched people God has called you to reach in your community?

Do you fully understand the unchurched people God has called you to reach in your community? Do you have a ministry plan to connect with them? Is it working as well as you would like? Below are some resources to … Read the rest