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7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build, Renovate or Relocate

7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build

The following seven things are usually needed by every church that is planning to build and only the church can answer. Without answering these things your church construction project will … Read the rest

But can you make disciples? by Mark Snowden

Special thanks to our guest blogger today, Mark Snowden.

But can you make disciples?

disciplemakingIt was an honor to meet recently with a young pastor from southwestern Missouri. He wanted to know how he could get his church to become

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We Are Not In Kansas Anymore, Toto!


We Are Not in Kansas Anymore, Toto!


Think of how you would react if you knew with certainty that the following would be doubled in the next few years: your chance of being severely injured following off a ladder, … Read the rest

Are You Reaching Out to Everyone in Your Community?

Special thanks to Mike Thompson for his personal insight into the life of those with physical handicaps. His experience with churches provide us with a wealth of knowledge in a little talked about area of our ministries. Read this and … Read the rest

Do You Find it Difficult to Lead Change in Your Church and Ministry?

Have you tried to lead change, even a small one, in your church and ministry and found it extremely difficult? Do you find people in your church armed with a shield of resistance to any change? Is leading change one Read the rest

How can Pastors Develop Leaders for Every Ministry In Their Church?

How are pastors, along with everything else they are doing, supposed to develop leaders for every ministry in their church? This is no small task and I certainly had my struggles with it as a senior pastor. It takes time … Read the rest

What are the Key Steps Needed to Build an Army of Volunteers in Your Church? Part Three

With the new year almost upon us do you have an established and proven process for developing an army of volunteers to serve in every ministry in your church?

Are you preparing people to serve way ahead of time or … Read the rest