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How do you make disciples that make disciples that will in turn make more disciples?

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I coached youth baseball for years, and my Dad before me, and now our oldest son is coaching his children. I married into a coaching family. I guess you could say it is a part of our

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The Top 5 Reasons Churches Are In Decline

From your own experience what would you list as the top 5 reasons churches are declining in our country? I don’t have research at my finger tips to support my own thoughts on this topic but I offer what I … Read the rest

What does your disciple making plan look like from 30,000 feet?

What does your disciple making plan look like from 30,000 feet? Does your congregation now what you are doing and how you are doing it? Do they know the process from start to finish? From front to back? Can they … Read the rest

A Resource to Help you keep your Church from Being Unattractive to the Unchurched

Churches tend to create, over time, their own sub-culture. The church turns internally focused to primarily care for their own. Before long we have developed our own language, protocols, practices and community. From our preaching to our programs we have … Read the rest

Being Church, Doing Life Book Review

Michael Moynagh shares over 120 real-life examples of innovative approaches to ministry by churches. He describes ways for people in the pews and not just the pastors in the pulpits to start groups of believers that can work together to … Read the rest