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Are You Reaching Out to Everyone in Your Community?

Special thanks to Mike Thompson for his personal insight into the life of those with physical handicaps. His experience with churches provide us with a wealth of knowledge in a little talked about area of our ministries. Read this and … Read the rest

What Might a Church Construction Process Look Like?

Church leaders often ask me what the construction process will look like once they hire the industry professionals to design and build their new facility. To answer their question I usually tell them that the church construction process can be Read the rest

A Guest Post by AVL Expert, Rich Fuchs

The following guest post is by one of my industry friends, Rich Fuch, with Ministry-Tech. They are a full service AVL firm serving churches all over the country. You can reach Rich at rich@ministry-tech.org or 828.707.2104. Enjoy!

Meet Bob!Read the rest

How to Prepare Your Land Search Committee to Serve

I provide pre-construction navigation for churches and other ministries. Part of my service includes helping churches relocate. I take the church leaders through a series of training sessions to help them prepare to create, select and educate their land search Read the rest

Functional vs. Fit

I’m working with a number of churches that are renovating their existing facilities and grounds. There are multiple challenges along the way. One of these is understanding the difference between your facilities being functional and being fit. There is … Read the rest