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7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build, Renovate or Relocate

7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build

The following seven things are usually needed by every church that is planning to build and only the church can answer. Without answering these things your church construction project will … Read the rest

Is Your Church Disabled Accessible or Disabled Friendly?

Is Your Church Disabled Accessible or Disabled Friendly?

By Mike Thompson

In 1998 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Over the years MS has progressed in my body causing my ability to walk to decrease.  I have moved from weakness … Read the rest

Are You Reaching Out to Everyone in Your Community?

Special thanks to Mike Thompson for his personal insight into the life of those with physical handicaps. His experience with churches provide us with a wealth of knowledge in a little talked about area of our ministries. Read this and … Read the rest

What Might a Church Construction Process Look Like?

Church leaders often ask me what the construction process will look like once they hire the industry professionals to design and build their new facility. To answer their question I usually tell them that the church construction process can be Read the rest

What Can a Construction Process Look Like for a Church?

The church construction process can be divided into 5 phases. The following is one way to divide the process along with the services performed in each phase. Any process you select should enhance the ability of the church to fulfill … Read the rest

A Guest Post by AVL Expert, Rich Fuchs

The following guest post is by one of my industry friends, Rich Fuch, with Ministry-Tech. They are a full service AVL firm serving churches all over the country. You can reach Rich at rich@ministry-tech.org or 828.707.2104. Enjoy!

Meet Bob!Read the rest

What happens if you fail to update your ministry and facilities?

Some years ago my wife, myself and our two sons had the opportunity to serve as “secret shoppers” for a local restaurant chain. We were reimbursed the cost of our meals each time we ate at their restaurant as long … Read the rest

Your Image vs. Your Substance

Your Image is what people think you are.

Your Substance is what you really are.

Your Image is how you are perceived.

Your Substance is your real value.

Your Image is the result of the way you communicate or message … Read the rest