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What do you do if one or more of your ministries is no longer productive?

What do you do if one or more of your ministries is no longer productive? The ministry may have been effective for the first few years then you found yourself funding it and recruiting volunteers to run it out of … Read the rest

Your Image vs. Your Substance

Your Image is what people think you are.

Your Substance is what you really are.

Your Image is how you are perceived.

Your Substance is your real value.

Your Image is the result of the way you communicate or message … Read the rest

How to Prepare Your Land Search Committee to Serve

I provide pre-construction navigation for churches and other ministries. Part of my service includes helping churches relocate. I take the church leaders through a series of training sessions to help them prepare to create, select and educate their land search Read the rest

Functional vs. Fit

I’m working with a number of churches that are renovating their existing facilities and grounds. There are multiple challenges along the way. One of these is understanding the difference between your facilities being functional and being fit. There is … Read the rest

If You’re Paying More Than $40 Per Month For Your Church App, Church Directory, and Online Giving, You’re Paying Too Much

Lockeland, LLC is a technology company based in Franklin, TN that is about to launch a new line of free and low-cost communication software tools for churches called SmartChurch.  I was privileged to be chosen to preview their software and … Read the rest

What causes newbies to stick?

What causes people to stay at your church once they start attending regularly?

Would you say it is your staff or programs that are key to newcomers staying for 6 months or longer at your church? What causes them to … Read the rest

Does Marketing Ministry Differ from Marketing Business?

Guest Blogger:  Isaac Fineman

Action PlanMarketing is really all about effectively sharing your story.  Who is your audience?  What should you “say” when you’re sharing your ministry organization’s story?  For how long should you communicate it?  What vehicle, device, or platform … Read the rest