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Do You Find it Difficult to Lead Change in Your Church and Ministry?

Have you tried to lead change, even a small one, in your church and ministry and found it extremely difficult? Do you find people in your church armed with a shield of resistance to any change? Is leading change one Read the rest

The Top 5 Reasons Churches Are In Decline

From your own experience what would you list as the top 5 reasons churches are declining in our country? I don’t have research at my finger tips to support my own thoughts on this topic but I offer what I … Read the rest

What is your plan for the succession of yourself and your pastoral staff?

Have you planned out your succession as the lead pastor? What about those on your staff? Below are resources to help you sort this out.

Next!: Future proof your church with succession planning that works

Next: Pastoral Succession That WorksRead the rest

Resources to help you change the focus of your church

Below are three resources that can help you figure out how to help your congregation balance their focus. It is reported that 97 cents out of every dollar in our church budgets are designated to care for the members and … Read the rest

Discovery, Invention and Innovation for Ministry

What is the difference between Discovery, Invention and Innovation…and what does this have to do with your ministry?

Discovery is finding something that already exists and has been around for a long time. For example: Isaac Newton discovered gravity.… Read the rest