Ministry Design Concepts is endeavoring to offer a site full of fresh, high value content that will meet the needs of as many pastors and lay leaders as possible. We have created a multi-tier site so that you can choose how much you wish to invest. If time is all you can afford then please take advantage of all of our free offerings. If you are interested in more or individualized options please see the details below. Email Marshall at [email protected] or call him at 864.977.1632 or 864.553.2070 for more information.

Customized Solutions

Ministry Design Coaching

We offer off-site and on-site coaching tailored to meet your ministry needs.
“Revitalization starts with godly leadership, beginning with the pastor and touching every leader in the church.” (Comeback Churches)

What can a Ministry Coach do for You?

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Ministry Audit

We perform a full, on-site, 1-4 day evaluation of your programs and facilities. Hold interviews with your staff, attend your services, and produce a comprehensive audit of your existing ministry design. We follow-up by offering coaching and insight as to how you can make improvements. This offering is an all-inclusive game-changer.

Ministry Master Planning

This is the next step in the process of developing a complete game-plan for ministry. The above services reveal where you are and the Ministry Master Plan strategically directs your ministry into the future.

Ministry Implementation

All of the planning in the world is of very little value unless put into action. A plan must be implemented, measured, evaluated, and adjusted if it hopes to be successful. A plan must be put into action and managed or it is simply a nice body of work that will collect dust on your bookshelf or nightstand.

Pre-Construction Navigation

We are uniquely positioned to serve as your advocate. Do you know how to navigate your way to begin a building process? There are MULTITUDES of questions that need to be answered BEFORE you assemble your building team in house and engage with industry professionals.

Interior Design Consultation

We have provided Interior Design services for more than 25 years and multitudes of church construction projects. This is a logical addition to our Pre-Construction services. The aesthetic appeal of your facility is a critical consideration for both new and existing buildings that could use a face-lift.

Speaking Engagements

– Conferences, retreats, staff and volunteer leadership development, etc.

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First Impressions Audit

Provides a multi-point inspection of your ministry, services, staff and facilities from the eyes of a first time attender to your services. It is critical to get fresh eyes on all that you see every day. Contact us to learn more.

Ministry Design Pathway –

Provides 1 hour of one-on-one coaching by phone resulting in a customized plan to get you started on your self-guided development journey.

Categorized Book List

– We’ve read a lot of books and have summarized their contents for you in order to provide an at-a-glance resource for your ministry design journey.

Deeper-Level Book Reviews

– We provide outlines, applications and a complete analysis of every book in our ever growing collection. Most importantly we tell you how each book might fit in your Ministry Design process.


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