God’s Unwelcome Recovery: Why the New Establishment Wants to Proclaim the Death of Faith in the UK

By Sean Oliver-Dee

“Sean Oliver-Dee is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, Regents Park College, University of Oxford and the interreligious advisor for the diocese of Peterborough. He is also associate researcher for … Read the rest

Creating Your Church’s Culture: How to Uproot Mediocrity and Create a Healthy Organizational Culture

By Stephen Blandino

How do you create a thriving organizational culture in your church? Churches are committed to a spiritual mission, but it is often the organizational aspects of the church that hinder the mission from moving forward. Cultivating health Read the rest

Mission Creep: The Five Subtle Shifts That Sabotage Evangelism & Discipleship

By Larry Osborne

“Evangelism and discipleship aren’t rocket science. When Jesus sent out a ragtag team from Galilee with the expectation that they would evangelize and disciple the world, they pulled it off as a natural and spontaneous outworking of Read the rest

Kingdom Come: Why We Must Give Up Our Obsession with Fixing the Church-and What We Should Do Instead

By Reggie McNeal

“There’s a reason Jesus taught us to pray “Thy Kingdom come . . .” and not “Thy church come.”The church clearly plays an important role in God’s plans. It was established by Christ, and he is Read the rest

Shaping of Things to Come, The: Innovation and Mission for the 21st-Century Church

By Alan Hirsch and Michael Frost

“In a time when the need for and the relevance of the Gospel has seldom been greater, the relevance of the church has seldom been less. The Shaping of Things to Come explores why Read the rest

The Externally Focused Church

by Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson. Publisher: Group.

Addresses a much needed change in church culture in the 21rst century.