Development of Others

The Externally Focused Life

By Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson

This is the first book of a three part series on developing an external life, church and kingdom.

Can ordinary people live extraordinary lives?

Yes–when those lives are externally focused! That’s the message Pastor Read the rest

Leadership: 33 Lessons on How to Become A Proactive Leader and Successfully Build A Phenomenal Team

By Jeffrey Morales

There are all kinds of leaders in the world: dictators and kings, chiefs and elected officials, military commanders and company directors, and employee managers. Even on a smaller scale, team leaders in the workplace, teachers and principals, Read the rest

How to Lead Unwilling Followers: Strategies to Overcome Resistance

By Frank McKinley

What is always present in any good story?

Conflict, right?

Sure, it would be great to live a life free from conflict. But when you’re reading or watching a story, it can get boring quickly if there’s Read the rest

Creating Your Church’s Culture: How to Uproot Mediocrity and Create a Healthy Organizational Culture

By Stephen Blandino

How do you create a thriving organizational culture in your church? Churches are committed to a spiritual mission, but it is often the organizational aspects of the church that hinder the mission from moving forward. Cultivating health Read the rest