The Externally Focused Life

By Rick Rusaw and Eric Swanson

This is the first book of a three part series on developing an external life, church and kingdom.

Can ordinary people live extraordinary lives?

Yes–when those lives are externally focused! That’s the message Pastor Read the rest

Sentness: Six Postures of Missional Christians

By Kim Hammond and Darren Cronshaw

Ever wonder why people fall asleep in church?

“It happens. We’ve all seen it. We shuffle into rows of seats that grow more comfortable with every new fundraising campaign. We slouch down and settle Read the rest

Transitioning the Church: Leading the Established Church to Reach the Unchurched

By Zack Williams

“Is the church primarily for the churched or the unchurched? How do church leaders transition an established church to reach the unchurched? Zach describes one of the biggest problems in many established churches: They have lost their Read the rest

Church Connection Cards: Essential Church Communications to Connect with Visitors, Grow Your Church, Pastor Your People

By Yvon Prehn

A guide and tool to aid your guest services efforts. The book gives detailed instructions on how to make sure you get the largest number of people to fill out the cards, specific ways to manage your … Read the rest

The Externally Focused Church

by Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson. Publisher: Group.

Addresses a much needed change in church culture in the 21rst century.