Carving the Table

By Greg Blake

The memoirs of the Chief Encouragement Officer Greg Blake. Perhaps you have seen him in action, now read whats behind the CEO of Pepworks International.

When we first got married  my parents bought us a old dining Read the rest

THE CHURCH: Why Bother?: The Nature, Purpose, & Functions of the Local Church

By Jeffrey D. Johnson and Richard P. Belcher


“Since Christ loved the church enough to die for her, every believer ought to share that passion. Jeffrey Johnson clearly Read the rest

The High Definition Leader: Building Multiethnic Churches in a Multiethnic World

By Derwin L. Gray

The United States is know as the “Great Melting Pot,” yet a survey of our churches on Sunday Morning would reveal a noticeably different portrait of our ethnic make-up. Every facet of American culture is multi-ethnic. Read the rest

Effective Evangelistic Churches

By Thom Rainer

Part research project, part detective story, this book presents results from the most comprehensive study of successful churches in history. These 586 churches across America all excel in winning new souls for Christ, and have a remarkable Read the rest

Get Their Name: Grow Your Church by Building New Relationships

By Doug Anderson, Bob Farr, and Kay Kotan

Change your church culture. Create an outwardly focused environment where hospitality and invitation happen Sunday and every day of the week. This book offers five steps to help congregations go public with Read the rest

Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church

By Bob Farr and Kay Kotan

Ten Prescriptions for a Healthy Church
offers prescriptions for the top ten issues seen during church
consultations. Bob Farr and Kay Kotan share their expertise from working
with churches across the country, detailing the Read the rest

Creating Your Church’s Culture: How to Uproot Mediocrity and Create a Healthy Organizational Culture

By Stephen Blandino

How do you create a thriving organizational culture in your church? Churches are committed to a spiritual mission, but it is often the organizational aspects of the church that hinder the mission from moving forward. Cultivating health Read the rest

Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Journey of Discovery

By David Watson and Paul Watson

“It is hard to deny that todayÆs world can seem apathetic toward Christians. Some may look down at their iPhones when we mention God, motion for the check when we bring up church, or Read the rest

It: How Churches and Leaders Can Get It and Keep It

by Craig Groeschel

“When Craig Groeschel founded, the congregation met in a borrowed two-car garage, with ratty furnishings and faulty audiovisual equipment. But people were drawn there, sensing a powerful, life-changing force Groeschel calls “It.” What is It, and Read the rest