5 Ointments for Healing Hidden Wounds Rick Ezell

The following article was written by my good friend, Rick Ezell. Rick is a managing partner at Business Care of America. If you are a business owner in the upstate of South Carolina you need to reach out to Rick … Read the rest

7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build, Renovate or Relocate

7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build

The following seven things are usually needed by every church that is planning to build and only the church can answer. Without answering these things your church construction project will … Read the rest

But can you make disciples? by Mark Snowden

Special thanks to our guest blogger today, Mark Snowden.

But can you make disciples?

disciplemakingIt was an honor to meet recently with a young pastor from southwestern Missouri. He wanted to know how he could get his church to become

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