009 (640x480)Marshall Shannon has more than thirty years of ministry leadership experience with eighteen years as senior pastor of a growing church. He led his church through five building programs and two relocations as the congregation grew. He was also involved in training young men for the ministry, assisting church planters, and directing mission endeavors. From 2003 to 2011 he was focused on guiding ministry leaders through their building programs. During that time he was privileged to be in hundreds of churches all over the country.

Ministry Design Concepts was started out of the burden created by the connection with these hundreds of pastors and hearing their frustrations and lack of resources to meet those frustrations. Ministry Design Concept’s mission is to provide reliable resources to meet the challenges of every day ministry. We intend to strengthen and equip leaders by connecting them with trusted industry professionals in person, in writing and through our coaching services on site and off, providing ministry audits and encouragement that can only come from someone who has been on your side of the table.

Our heart’s desire is to assist in reversing the direction of the twenty-first century church in North America where it has been stated that 80% have either reached a plateau or are in decline. The drop-out rate of pastors is also increasing at an alarming rate. We have felt compelled by God to do whatever we can to see the cause of Christ go forward robustly. Reach Marshall at [email protected] or 864.553.2070.

Pam Shannon,
wife of Marshall for over 30 years, has two grown sons, two daughters-in-law, three grandchildren and a couple of IMG_0432_2low resgranddogs. She has a degree in Home Economics Education with an emphasis in Interior Design. She had the privilege of gaining varied experience through the years from teaching middle and high school, to being the Interior Designer for a large Christian university, to currently being the Director of First Impressions for a staffing/recruiting firm.

She shares Marshall’s heart for the ministry and desires to use her particular skills and experience to help churches be their best. She has been a Ladies’ speaker/teacher and has more than 25 years of experience providing Interior Design services to churches from multi-million dollar new construction to simpler “face-lift” projects.

Being a working Mom/Pastor’s wife required time management and efficiency skills that are invaluable in helping churches step back and find ways to improve their operations and minimize stress. Having been “in the trenches” of ministry right with her husband she knows first-hand the life balance struggles that ministry life brings.

Together, Pam and Marshall form a complete team that can capably help your ministry in most any area. From the appearance of your facilities with the Interior Design to the feeling of hospitality through your guest services to the entire structure of your ministry, Marshall and Pam are here to assist your ministry maximize and perfect your Ministry Design. Reach Pam at [email protected] or 864.884.1701.