How to maximize the AIM Ministry Management Software

Below is some very helpful information if you are struggling to engage your congregation in ministry, both in your church and community. Special thanks to Dale Smith, with AIM Ministry, for supplying the software to help us move our people and ministry forward.


This past week I attended the Baptist Association of Christian Educators. As I began explaining how to use the AIM Ministry Management Software, I realized that everyone needs to know how to maximize its effectiveness.

New Members

Get to know your new members

  1. What do they know?  (Skills)
  2. What do they like?  (Passions)
  3. What they have done? (Experience)
  4. How has God Equipped them? (Spiritual Gifts)
  5. What Ministry is their best match?

Current Members

Get to know your current members

  1. Get people serving that currently are not serving.
  2. Provide help to your nominating or enlistment teams.
  3. Is there something they would like to do but have never volunteered?
  4. Help people transition from one place of service to another that they may be better suited.
  5. Begin building leadership for the future.

Visioning and Dreaming

We provide you with 275 ministry ideas.

  1. You may find an idea you want to start in your church or community.
  2. You may gain new insight in your current ministries and learn how to expand them or make them efficient.


  Specific Searches

  Have you ever needed to find someone that can do ________?

  1. Do electrical work,
  2. Lead a crisis management groups
  3. Provide elder care?
  4. Drive a bus or truck?
  5. Have a particular Spiritual Gift?

With the new advanced search feature you can now search your membership for the right person.   Search among 214 Passions, 331 Vocational Backgrounds, 175 Skills and 20 Spiritual Gifts.

To learn more visit or call 256 453 5341

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