7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build, Renovate or Relocate

7 Things Every Church Needs to Know Before They Build

The following seven things are usually needed by every church that is planning to build and only the church can answer. Without answering these things your church construction project will likely derail or at best be delayed for some time while you settle on the correct answers.


  • Why are you planning to build?
  • What do you hope to accomplish by building?
  • Are you building for the right reasons?
  • Is your purpose for building clear to your congregation?

Preferred Future

  • What is God’s vision for your church?
  • Where is your church headed and what will it look like when you get there?
  • How does God’s vision translate to your campus?
  • What is the long term vision for your campus?
  • What will you do and what won’t you do on the property in the coming years.
  • Without understanding God’s thinking about the future of your ministry how will you guide the design build team to plan your next building?


  • What is mission critical to your ministry?
  • If you can only afford 3 of the 5 things your ministry needs which ones will you build first, second and third?
  • Every ministry has a set of priorities. They often differ from church to church. Do the hard work to determine God’s mind on the priorities for your ministry and settle this before you put your design build team to work


  • What programs, projects, events, activities and services are you running 24/7, 365?
  • What are your seasonal, monthly, weekly, annual and biannual activities?
  • Don’t let anything you are doing escape this document so the design build team can take everything into account when master planning your property and designing your next project.
  • Include everything you do on your campus, both inside and out. Including offices, maintenance, and custodial.


  • What are the growth projections for every ministry in your church?
  • Instead of lumping all of your ministries together to estimate their annual growth consider breaking them down and giving an annual growth projection for every ministry in your church.
  • Do you plan to close any ministries during the coming years? If so, which ones?
  • Do you plan to start new ministries in the coming years? If so, describe them in writing so your design build team can include them in the master planning.


  • Where are the important documents about your property?
  • Do you have surveys, soil test, environmental tests and other site documents ready for the design build team?
  • Do you have previous master plans and as built plans from previous construction or renovation projects?
  • Collect all of these ahead of time so your project is not delayed and the design build team has all the available documentation about your property, both grounds and facilities.


  • Who are you called to reach?
  • What do they look like?
  • Who have you been reaching?
  • How have you been reaching them?
  • How does your congregation and community best connect?
  • Do you understand the demographics, psychographics and ekklegraphics of your community?

The answers to this list of questions are unique to your congregation and situation. If you wish assistance please email me at [email protected] or call us toll free at 800-485-3204.




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