Carving the Table!

Special thanks to our guest blogger, Greg Blake. Greg is the Chief Encouragement Officer for PepWorks International. You can reach Greg at [email protected]
When we first got married  my parents bought us a old dining table that had come out of a bakery in NY. We bought an old fashioned icepick and thought it would be a great practice to have people carve their name in our table when they came for a visit….well 41 years later we are still continuing the tradition. We have hundreds of signatures. My 4 kids have bought an old table and are continuing the practice with their families. We even have sanded out the names of old boyfriends who didn’t make the cut!
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When folks visit our church for the first time, Debbie and I invite them over to our home on a Friday evening (Family Night) to get to know them better. Very non-threatening. We will also find out their occupation and will do our best to match them with another couple with the same occupation so there is an immediate connection.
Have had numerous couples join because of the personal interest in their lives. I tell people that you can’t get to know people in the foyer of a church Sunday morning doing small talk.
Unfortunately today we have become too busy to invest our lives in others and ultimately eternity.
Thanks Greg! My wife and I can relate. This is how we met! Thank you for your ministry to both of us! Pick up a copy of Greg’s book Here to begin your journey toward impacting the lives of others for eternity through your own “carving the table” ministry.
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