Do You Find it Difficult to Lead Change in Your Church and Ministry?

Have you tried to lead change, even a small one, in your church and ministry and found it extremely difficult? Do you find people in your church armed with a shield of resistance to any change? Is leading change one of the most challenging things you do in your ministry? If you clearly see needed changes but you aren’t sure how to successfully make them happen then please continue reading. I think I can help you. At least that is my prayer.

What would you say is the difference between Discovery, Invention and Innovation…and what does this have to do with your ministry? In my research I found the following.

Discovery is finding something that already exists and has been around for a long time. For example: Isaac Newton discovered gravity.

Invention is giving the world something new that did not exist before and it helps mankind. For example: Samuel Morse invented the telegraph.

Innovation is the application of an invention or inventions to benefit mankind. An example would be your smart phone.

The smart phone takes several inventions and put them together in one device to serve people around the world. With your smart phone you can take pictures or videos and share them with others, communicate with people by phone, video chat, text or email and search the web along with controlling your house thermostat and security system…all from your smart phone.

What used to take a whole tool belt or backpack to carry now is carried in one pocket. Innovation took the discovery of a number of pre-existing things along with the invention of new things and applied them in new ways to benefit billions of people.

Our grandchildren can’t imagine life without smart phones. They adapt quickly to changing technology. It is the culture of their time. When one of my granddaughters was three years old she could use our smart phones better than we could. Her father, our son, caught her playing a computer game after she had hacked his password and user name to gain access to the system. She adapts and adjusts to a changing world so she can succeed…but the church…not so much.

Change comes hard for churches. In our country we have benefited by the ministry innovations of men like Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Church or Rick Swanson and Eric Rusaw’s Externally Focused Movement or Mike Breen’s Missional Kingdom Movement or Jim Putman’s Disciple Making Model. All of these have sought a return to a biblical pattern for ministry and their ministry innovations have benefited millions.

My question to you this morning is “what about your ministry”? Are you partnering with God to lead needed changes in your church…maybe even change that leads to return to a biblical pattern of ministry? If so, are you finding this a challenge? Have you drifted off course in your mission or focus or are your ministry methods no longer effective? If you know deep down inside that your ministry is not reaching its full God-given potential and you long for what’s next for your church in God’s plan then click on the link below. This resource will give you a fresh approach to leading change. It could be the very thing God uses to transform your church and ministry.


How to Successfully Lead Change in Your Church and Ministry


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