How can Pastors Develop Leaders for Every Ministry In Their Church?

How are pastors, along with everything else they are doing, supposed to develop leaders for every ministry in their church? This is no small task and I certainly had my struggles with it as a senior pastor. It takes time and lots of energy, along with a laser focus and numerous other resources to build leaders.

Let me ask you.

Do you have an intentional plan for developing leaders in your church?

Are you relying on ready-made leaders to be imported into your congregation or are you willing to do the hard work required to grow your own?

Below is a simple process, step by step, that may help you create your own customized process for building leaders for every ministry in your church.

First, define leadership. What exactly is it?

Second, describe leadership. What does it look like? Imagine building your family a new house with no idea what it should look like. Wouldn’t you need to define and describe what a house looks like, in some detail, before you break ground to build one? The same goes for building leaders. You need to know what one is and what one is to look like or the chances of building one correctly are slim to none. For instance…

  • What belief system do you want them to have?
  • What is to be the creed and content of their thinking? We know we need to develop their thinking in order for them to lead biblically.
  • Have you decided how and what a leader is to believe?
  • What about their character?
  • They are going to “be” something, what is it you want them to be?
  • How will you develop their heart, meaning their character and commitment?
  • How do you want them to behave? This is their conduct. This also includes their competency.
  • Do they have the right skill set and talent?
  • To summarize, can you describe what a leader is to look like? I believe you need a customized process, that fits your ministry context, that addresses the development of their HeadHeart and Hands?

Third, design a process. How will you go about developing leaders? Can you put your philosophy of leadership development into a three or four step process?

  • For instance, one process is to develop leaders by providing them with the needed information, along with the proper training during an internship and enough time to be immersed in the process so they develop correctly.

Four, determine the steps needed to make the process happen. Here are some suggested steps.

  • Evaluate potential leaders. Who qualifies? What qualifies them? What are you looking for in a leader? How do you assess their potential to lead?
  • Enlist and enroll the selected candidates. Invite them to join your leadership development program and launch them into your process.
  • Equip and Educate them. Use teaching and training to prepare them to lead.
  • Empower them for service. Give them the authority to lead.
  • Entrust them to serve. Show them you have confidence in them. Give them an opportunity to lead.
  • Engage them into service. Plug them into the ministry they are to lead.
  • Encourage them as they serve. Help them through the times of discouragement and the feelings of being defeated. Help them survive and thrive! Support them just as you want to be supported. Give them the care and show them the concern you would want as you lead.
  • Enrich. Provide continuing education and equipping as needed to enrich their personal development and build their leadership ability.

Fifth, develop programs for each ministry in your church.

  • Are you preparing leaders for every program, project, event and activity in your church? Does your leadership development program look the same for every ministry or do you customize your process as needed? In other words, in ministry, one size does not fit all.
  • For instance, how you develop leaders for your youth program may differ from how you develop leaders for your singles ministry or your outreach to the unchurched or dechurched in your community. Don’t be afraid to customize your development program as needed.

If you find yourself dissatisfied with your current leadership develop process and you want to do something about it then click on the links below. We are offering specialized training to help pastors develop leaders for every ministry in their church. We are offering these at a reduced price so please take advantage of the savings.

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