Four Essential Leadership Skills That Can Make The Difference in Our Ministries: Part TWO

The leadership of our ministries can be divided into two primary parts, our process and our people. While our process deals with important things like our mission, vision, and strategic plan we can’t implement them without our people. Therefore people must be a priority. They are our greatest resource. There are at least four essential people skills needed by any ministry leader. We discussed the first of these last week, the ability to build relationships.

Today I would like to discuss the second essential people skill that is needed by any leader and that is the ability to produce results. Leadership can be divided into at least three levels, the doers, the delegators and the developers. We have the opportunity to build on the foundation of our relationships by adding the ability to get things done. People often follow a leader because of what he has accomplished for the ministry. Everything seems to be better when we get results. Therefore, be the person that gets ministry done! The following are some suggestions to help us build on the foundation of our relationships.

    • First, Work Hard.
      • Set the example by showing what a hard worker looks like. Be a hard worker. Our work ethic should not be in question. We should be persistent and consistent, not lazy or unenthused. We should discipline ourselves to work hard before trying to lead others to do the same.
      • Set expectations. What do we require of others? Let it be no more than what we require of ourselves. Don’t be afraid to get our hands dirty.
    • Secondly, Work Smarter.
      • We can only work so hard. Abraham Lincoln said if he was given several hours to cut a tree down he would spend the first two hours sharpening his axe.
      • We should always be on the lookout for ways to get more done without adding more work. By the way, we should listen to our team members and ask them how we can work smarter. Make working smarter a team activity.
    • Thirdly, Work Productively.
      • What good does it do to get a lot of work done but fail to get the work done correctly. Shabby work doesn’t impress anyone.
      • The goal should be to get a lot of ministry done but also get it done well.
      • Again, set the example by being the example and set the expectations by meeting the expectations.

Many positive things begin happening when leaders master this skill. The benefits are numerous. Here is just a sampling.

  • Ministry gets done
  • Morale improves
  • Results go up
  • Better people are attracted to our ministries
  • Turnover goes down among our paid and volunteer staff
  • Goals are achieved
  • Momentum is established
  • Ministry becomes fun
  • A lot of previous problems seem to get solved
  • Leading change becomes easier. This skill often allows us to…
    • Tackle tough problems and face thorny issues.
    • Make the difficult decisions that will make a difference in our ministries.
    • Take our people to another level of effectiveness and efficiency.

Everything gets better when the leaders are productive. Therefore we should work to develop this essential skill in leading people.


P.S. Here is a whole list of resources to help us develop our leadership ability.  Book Resources

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