Four Essential Leadership Skills That Can Make All The Difference In Our Ministries: Part FOUR

As we have stated in our earlier newsletters leadership can be divided into two primary parts, our process and our people. While our process deals with important things like our mission, vision, and strategic plan we can’t implement them without our people. Therefore people must be a priority. They are our greatest resource. There are at least four essential people skills needed by any ministry leader. We’ve discussed the first three of these in our last three newsletters, the ability to build relationships, produce results, and develop others.

Today we will discuss the fourth essential people skill that is needed by leaders and that is the ability to reproduce leaders. This skill takes the previous abilities to build relationships, produce results and develop others and builds upon them to maximize our ability to duplicate ourselves. This skill allows us to develop leaders that develop leaders that develop leaders and it helps to create a culture of leadership development that can transform our ministries.

I believe this skill may be the key to our ability to lead our churches to the next level of growth, health, and fitness. If our ministries are going to move forward to reach more people for Christ and make more disciples we are going to need more leaders. 

A common denominator found in plateaued and declining churches is a great need for developed leaders. The leadership void is hindering their efforts to win souls and make disciples. Leadership development is essential to churches reaching their full God given potential. If we want to expand our ministries to fulfill our calling as a church then I believe we must focus on reproducing leaders.

Let me encourage us to take an honest look at our own leadership.  What do we need to adjust to become a leader who makes leaders who makes leaders who makes . . .? We should create our own pathway for leading people. What can we do today that will make an impact on tomorrow and what can we do over the next few months to develop our leadership skills to have an impact on eternity?

We’ve have created a ministry tool to help you develop leaders. Click Here to take a look at it.


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