How Well Organized Are the Ministries In Your Church Part SIX

Over the last five blog posts we have discussed the following questions.

  • If you had to grade each ministry in your church on how well they are organized how would you score each of them?
  • How would you know how to score them?
  • What would your “score card” look like?
  • What would be key to help you consistently grade the ministries in your church so they can improve and help you make more disciples of Christ?

The next two key elements I would suggest you include in your score card are Preparation and Place.


  • These are the special things you do to prepare to operate each ministry.

     Questions to answer:

  • What supplies, furniture and equipment are needed?
  • Who will provide these items?
  • What is needed to make the ministry effective?
  • How will you market each ministry?
  • How will you introduce each ministry to your community?
  • How will the ministry communicate both internally and externally to others?
  • What will the ministry communicate about itself?
  • Who will decide?
  • Who will implement the communication?


  • This is where the ministry takes place.
  • Where will each of your ministries take place? Does the location change from time to time?
  • What facilities and/or grounds will be needed to carry out the ministry?
  • Is any ministry performed off site? If so, what will that require? This situation can open a whole new set of organizational questions.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the last key element needed to develop your personalized score card. If you want more in-depth coaching to help you develop your own score card click on the links below or give me a call (864-977-1632).


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