Empower Your Guest Service Staff

When you have gone through the steps to select, structure and school your guest service ministry and staff then entrust them with carrying out their duties. Set them free to perform their roles on the team. Let them lead and learn. Create an environment that enables them to develop without fear of failing. Failure is the zip code where people learn the most. It is the school of hard knocks. The individuals on your staff may not and probably will not do things exactly as you do. Isn’t that ok for God to filter Himself through them to minister to your guests?Isn’t that the way it should be?

Train them. Teach them. Make their role and responsibilities crystal clear. Set parameters for them. Support them through continued care, counsel, coaching and critiquing. And then…let them serve and lead and host your guests so they can taste God working in and through them to impact those they serve. Let them experience God at work and the thrill of partnering with Him. After you have prepared them then trust them! Let them loose to serve.


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