What type of people should you put on your Guest Service Staff?

Do you have this figured out? When I coached high school basketball and baseball years ago I had to study the players to know who to put where. I had to know what my pool of players looked like and I shaped our teams by the players that were available. I wanted to play to our strengths and not our weaknesses. I engineered a style of play and a game plan to give them the best chance to excel and perform at their best as a team.

I believe you can apply this thinking to your guest service team. What does your pool of volunteers look like? How can you engineer your guest service ministry to play to their strengths? How do you identify the spiritual gifts, heart passions, natural and nurtured abilities, personality type and experience of your volunteers and leaders? How can you give them the best chance to succeed? Don’t you want a guest service ministry that excels in caring for your guests? The answer is yes of course but how do you do that?

I’ll be happy to talk with you to help you get started with creating a winning guest service team.

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