Meet Ministry-Tech and Rich Fuchs

Our guest post yesterday was Rich Fuchs with Ministry-Tech. The following information will tell you what services they provide and how they can help your church and ministry.

Meet Ministry Tech!

Do you have problems with microphone volumes frustrating people? How about bad acoustics, buzzes, pops, clicks or feedback? Blurry images on screen? Untrained tech crew? Outdated website? We can help! We at Ministry Tech believe that your ministry’s technology should not get in the way of your theology! Audio, video, lighting, etc. should not interfere or cause distractions to your message.

Think for a moment about the message you’re communicating. The Word of God is spoken. Testimonies and prayer requests are made. Missions presentations, music and other worship aids are placed on the screen. Is this important to you? Is making certain the preaching and words to the music can be clearly understood a priority to you? Obviously, these things are important to you, and they are important to us! Our company was founded by church technical leaders FOR church technical leaders.

Ministry Tech was founded on three simple, core principles: Equipping, Ministering, Serving.

Equipping: Ministries need to be equipped with the right gear—not just a box full of fancy buttons and dials, but gear that actually works and is designed for the job it’s supposed to do.  Your team needs equipped with proper training on the gear that you have in order to utilize it to its fullest potential.

Ministering: Technicians are just like choir members, just like nursery workers, just like any other church member—they need to be ministered to. They have spiritual needs. Technical crews need ministry coaching to form a cohesive team, and many times having other technicians to talk to is very helpful because they know where they’re coming from.

Serving: Our goal is to serve you, and thereby allowing you to serve your congregation. We’re not just here to sell you the latest gadget in technical ministry, but to serve you with the experience (over 25 years) and resources that will allow you to best serve others, and ultimately the Lord.

We want you and your congregation to focus on the message you’re communicating, not the technology helping communicate it.

We at Ministry Tech know trying to sort through all of this can be complicated, so we offer a “Tech Ministry Checkup” so you will know what’s right, what’s wrong, and how to get what’s wrong right.

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