Is your Guest Service Staff Under-Trained?

Have you ever been to a restaurant, maybe high-end one, and a newbie was assigned to wait on your table? No trainer was standing nearby to help the newbie answer your menu questions or give an experienced opinion about different items on the menu. Perhaps the newbie had to run back to the kitchen or another staff member to get the question answered about “the catch of the day” or they made no effort at all to get the right answers for you. They left you all on your own in making your menu selections.

If you have had this experience, and I have, how did it make you feel? Did it make for a great dining experience? Did you leave the restaurant with anticipation of your next meal there? Under-trained wait staff and under-trained guest service staff have similar results. How well do you train your guest service staff? Are they newbies who have to run back to the “kitchen” to get answers or do they leave your guests to fend for themselves?

Someone may have worked very hard to get that first time guest to your church service. Making the most of that opportunity to care for that guest’s soul while on your campus is paramount, is it not? I believe we have to intentionally prepare for the weekend experience we give them. It is fine to have newbies on your guest service staff. Just equip them for the task. Give them the answers to the questions they will be asked. Teach them to go the extra mile to give excellent service to your guests. Make your guests leave your church with great anticipation of their next visit.


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