Appearance Matters!

Appearance Matters! At least when it comes to your guest service staff, your facilities and grounds.

How much thought do you give each weekend to the appearance of your guest service staff? You may be thankful they showed up on time but how do they look? Are they dressed in a way to communicates the right message to your first, second and third time attenders? Does your staff know your expectations about how they are to dress and groom before showing up to church?

Another topic related to this is how they interact with each other while they are caring for guests. They need to know your expectations there as well. They can send the wrong message and make a wrong impression in a hurry if the are clowning around with each other and ignoring your guests. Your guests are their top priority, not each other.

Then there is the appearance of your facilities and grounds. Are they spotless and well maintained? Or are they dingy, dark, deem, dusty, dirty and … well, you get the picture. People form an opinion about us and you about them in a matter of seconds. We need to put our best appearance forward for that all important “first impression”. This is why appearance matters.

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