Do you need an “sales” funnel to help you manage your ministries?

Businesses have used sales funnels for years to track their progress and to estimate future sales. It is a tool to help them measure how they are performing. Should churches do the same for
their ministry activities?

For instance, can you tell me how many first time guests returned for a second and third visit? How many visits, on average, did they make before they committed to attending regularly? How long did they attend regularly before they joined. A ministry funnel can be used to help you track people and their progress toward joining your church. You can have a ministry funnel for your entire disciple making process or a ministry funnel for each aspect of your process. It is up to you. One way does not fit all.

The insight a ministry funnel may give you can help you adjust and adapt your ministry model to improve your effectiveness. It can provide accountability for your staff and help you celebrate the “wins” in your congregation. It can give you a visual aid to help you keep current with your “prospects”.

Keeping track of people and their progress is a lot of work but the “payoff” is eternal. So let me encourage you to design and develop your own personalized and customized ministry funnel to
help you keep track of those precious people whom God has called you to make disciples. They may just thank you for eternity!


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