What does your disciple making plan look like from 30,000 feet?

What does your disciple making plan look like from 30,000 feet? Does your congregation now what you are doing and how you are doing it? Do they know the process from start to finish? From front to back? Can they clearly see the steps of your process so they can judge what their next step is? Shouldn’t those we lead be able to see the pathway to becoming a fully devoted and developed follower of Christ? Below is just one snap shot of a disciple making process. What does yours look like and how does it compare?

Step One: Educate and Equip (Teaching and Training)

Step Two: Exercise and Energize (Put into Practice what they have learned)

Step Three: Engage and Entrench (Touching lives through Relationships and Service)

Step Four: Evaluate and Estimate (Testing the results of their engagement to determine what needs to improve)

Step Five: Enhance and Edify (Make adjustments to help them improve and grow)

Step Six: Enrich and Establish (Let obedience to God’s Word do them and us great good. James 1:19-27)

All too often our discipleship process is unbalanced. We teach and train but fail to exercise people through engaging them in the work of the ministry or we fail to monitor their living and service so they can make adjustments to improve and grow. (Ephesians 4:7-16 & Colossians 1:28-29)

When you evaluate your disciple making process do you find there is room for improvement? Do you need to redesign your process or perhaps replace it with one that may be more productive? I’d love to hear about your ministry and discipleship process. Reach out to me and I’ll gladly schedule a time to talk with you.


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