A Resource to Help you keep your Church from Being Unattractive to the Unchurched

Churches tend to create, over time, their own sub-culture. The church turns internally focused to primarily care for their own. Before long we have developed our own language, protocols, practices and community. From our preaching to our programs we have drifted toward internally focused congregations. The problem with this is it eventually blocks our understanding of those we are called to reach. We create ministries that are separated (isolated and insulated) from the very people God has commissioned us to impact with the gospel. We naturally design our ministries to be “self-serving” and not “unchurched serving”. Reversing this is troublesome. Below is one pastor’s story about how they designed their church ministry and culture to work “for” them as they seek to reach their community and the world for Christ.

Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend

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