What is your Guest Service Bandwidth?

How many guests can you take care of at one time? How well can you take care of them at one time? Do you know your guest service bandwidth?

I ask these questions because every person and ministry organization has a service bandwidth. Pastors often try to be super human when it comes to taking care of people. They want to do all the counseling, all the hospital visits, all the discipling, all the administrative work and all the other ministry tasks in their churches. What propels our ministries forward to reach more people and care correctly for them is a training process that prepares volunteers and leaders to effectively serve in their chosen field of ministry.

When it comes to your guest service ministry you need lots of volunteers and leaders. Your bandwidth can be limited in one of two ways. Not enough people on site to meet the quality standards you’ve set for your guest service ministry? Don’t expect your guest service staff to be super human. They can’t be everywhere on your campus at the same time and they can’t give the quality care and attention you require if they have too many guests to serve at one time.

Every ministry needs to identify and understand their bandwidth. Everyone and every organization has limitations in their capabilities and capacities. Managing your bandwidth is a part of your leadership responsibility. How can you increase your outreach to your community and take good care of them when they visit your campus? Increase your bandwidth. How do you do that? Develop more leaders and volunteers to serve.

Thus the need for a program or process to develop others to lead and to prepare volunteers to serve. A program to do these two things can prevent burn out and poor performance and numerous other potential problems. Below is one resource to help you prepare people to lead.

How to Develop Others to Lead


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