Smell Blindness

Smell Blindness: When you are blind to the fragrance of your own buildings and grounds. Have you ever entered a church building and instantly noticed an unpleasant odor? It smelt like a wet dog, or a sewer or something else that is not good. The people who “live” there seem to be blind to it. They have grown accustomed to the funky smell and it doesn’t bother them. It isn’t on their radar but as first time visitors you are bowled over by the smell.

Any family, company or congregation can develop smell blindness about their facilities. When you develop smell blindness you have lost a true read on the actual odors in your buildings. It takes an intentional effort to control this. Some churches “mask” the real odors by trying to cover them up with air fresheners. It would be better to identify the root cause of foul odors and put a stop to them. Then fill your lobby, restrooms, kid’s space and worship center with the fragrance of coffee or some other wonderful smell that will help your cause.

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