Make Sure the Basics are Covered Each Weekend

You may be working with less than desirable or ideal campus and facilities. You can’t fix that by this weekend but there are things you can fix. Below is a short list of things you can do to make your guests feel welcomed and wanted by meeting simple needs. Regardless of your situation you can cover the basics each weekend to give your guests a satisfying experience on your campus.

Offer disposable umbrella bags when it is pouring rain outside

Keep the paper towels and toilet paper stocked full and the next roll handy

Keep hand lotion and hand sanitizer available in your restrooms

Use great air fresheners

Clean your water fountains

Clean your windows

Keep the carpet and other flooring clean and spotless

Set the thermostat

Provide comfortable seating

Put friendly people in place to greet your guests

Do the same for your children’s ministries

Use readable font on your signs (and put your signs where people can easily spot them. A sign is so much more than a sign to your first time guests. It is a symbol of your care and concern for them)

Do the same for your printed material

Keep your website up to date

Clear the snow and wipe up spills

Clean up after the birds outside

Hang a curtain or automated shades in your windows to block blinding sunlight

Provide handicapped access and care with ramps, restrooms, auditorium seating and parking. Look out for these situations and step up to care for them.

Plan ahead to make a great first impressions by simply covering the basics. You’ll not regret it.


Inspirational Source:

How to WOW Your Church Guests: 101 Ways to Make a Meaningful First Impression


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