Your Image vs. Your Substance

Your Image is what people think you are.

Your Substance is what you really are.

Your Image is how you are perceived.

Your Substance is your real value.

Your Image is the result of the way you communicate or message yourself.

Your Substance is the real content of your message and communication.

Your Image is how you speak.

Your Substance is what you actually say.

Churches can communicate one message about themselves by their “public” appearance (with their buildings, landscaping, signage, websites, advertisements in the newspaper, tv, radio and word of mouth by their congregation and community) but actually be completely different in reality. The challenge is to make sure the two, your Image and Substance, match.

You might be doing yourself and your community a disservice if the image you are projecting is nowhere near the reality of who and what you are. Take a look at all of your “marketing” venues to be sure you are “telling” people the real story about your ministry, ministers and message.

Your Image and Your Substance should be in alignment, attunement and agreement. Your Image should reinforce your efforts to reach your community and win them to Christ. Your Image should help not hinder your mission and ministry.

We all know we should represent Christ correctly. Does your public image do that? People have a tendency to judge a book by it’s cover. Does your “cover” match your “content”? Does what you communicate about yourself and how people perceive you match your true character, creed and conduct?

Do an alignment audit. If you struggle with this give me a call. I’ll be happy to help you.

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