How to Prepare Your Land Search Committee to Serve

I provide pre-construction navigation for churches and other ministries. Part of my service includes helping churches relocate. I take the church leaders through a series of training sessions to help them prepare to create, select and educate their land search committee. The leaders are wise to answer a number of questions ahead of time to help the committee do their job. If not the committee may struggle to answer these questions and delay their search for the land. Church leaders need to make certain the committee members know what they are looking for and how they are to work together. Below are some of the questions the leaders need to answer before they form a committee to search for land. 

First, Create your Land Search Sieve to Help Them Vet Each Property:

1. What is the most you are willing to pay for land?

2. Where are you looking for land?

3. How much land do you want to buy?

4. Is there an ideal shape for the land?

5.  What topography are you looking for?

The idea is to build them a sieve so they can easily and properly vet each piece of property they consider.

Second, Develop your Land Search Committee Organization:

1. What officers are needed?

2. What will each of these officers do?

3. How many people will serve on the committee?

4. What Duties need to be assigned?

5. What is the chain of command?

5. How will they communicate?

6. How will you go about searching and selecting the land?

7. Is there a time limit on the search?

8. How will they work together? What are the rules for conduct and how will they make decisions when vetting each property?

The idea is to build them an organizational structure that allows them to flourish instead of flounder as they pursue just the right property for your ministry.

These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg if you want to prepare your land search committee to serve. Your committee will need to know ahead of time, meaning before they agree to serve on your committee, the What, When, Where, Why, Who and How of your land search. Failure to provide this information may hinder instead of help them find just the right property for your church.

There is an old saying:

Proper Preparation and Planning Prevent Pitifully Poor Performance!

If you want your land search committee, or any committee for that matter, to serve well then thoroughly create, select and prepare the committee.

Please Click Here to learn more about how  to create and prepare your land search committee or give me a call.

P.S. While discussing this topic with my wife she used the following example. Would you go to buy a house for your family without deciding ahead of time where to look, how much to spend, how large a house to buy, how many bedrooms and baths it should have, how big a lot, and so forth? Of course you wouldn’t. Well, don’t ask your committee to search for land without giving them the needed information to do their job. I can tell you it will make your realtor happy if you give them specifics about your search criteria so they don’t waste their time and yours looking at the wrong property.

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