Book Review: Uncovered: The Truth about Honesty and Community

Uncovered: The Truth about Honesty and Community by Rod Tucker

The author makes the following statement about half way through the book that I believe summaries his desired result from our reading.

“I believe there comes a time in every church when we agree, as individuals and communities, that we are either going to preach a gospel of performance-based living-or of “not sinning”- or a message of grace and acceptance, no matter what, and with no ifs, ands, or buts. Ultimately, this decision sets the stage for whether or not our members will walk in the light by living honestly with each other.”

I believe the book will help you “sort out” what posture you and your ministry should take toward this topic. I would encourage you to read it, carefully think through to formulate your own thinking and then discuss with others to help you determine how you will design your life and ministry to best reflect scripture.

Honesty and Humility go hand in hand when we confront our sin and sinful nature. As individuals, as churches or as a church community we need to grasp the impact of our teaching and preaching. Are we encouraging ourselves and others to deal with sin in an honest and humble way or are we encouraging ourselves and others to “wear masks”?

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