Dinner Bell or Food Truck?

While growing up in Mobile, AL, as a kid, I have fond memories of playing ball with the guys in our neighborhood each afternoon after school. We all headed to the empty lot on our street, divided up into teams, set the boundaries and rules and played our hearts out until dark or until, one by one, the dinner bell rang for each of us. We all knew the sound our dinner bell or the voice of our parents calling us to supper. None of us thought about or dared to ask our parents to bring our supper out to us while we played. My goodness, it was a treat when we were allowed to sit in the den and watch Lost Is Space while we ate our Saturday evening meal…usually a hamburger and chips with ice-cold coke! Oh, what great memories! I hope you have your own from your time as a kid. It was understood that you had to come into the house to get fed. That’s just the way it was. No one thought anything about it.

Our sons grew up in Greenville, SC where I pastored for a thousand years (or so it seemed at times) and we took a field trip downtown (a beautiful place by the way) to purchase a map for the church. We walked past a hot dog stand and thus the begging began. Dad!…Mom! can we get a hot dog? Please?!!! Of course, I’m ready and willing to indulge in this kind of activity…it is a ministry you know!?

In downtown Greenville today there are food trucks that come right up to the door of businesses to offer them their meals. Cooked to order and absolutely delicious! They bring the food to you.

When you consider how your church is designed do you resemble the dinner bell or food truck? Do you require the unchurched to enter your doors if they hope to be fed the gospel or are you more like the food truck that brings the gospel right to their door? When you study the Great Commission which one do you think is primary? Come to us or go to them?


Just some food for thought.

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