How to Protect your Ministry, Money and Momentum in 2014

One of the most costly mistakes ministry leaders and in particular pastors make is to lead their church into a building program that isn’t “doable”. I regularly receive an email, text or phone call from a distraught pastor who has gotten in neck-deep with their construction project and can’t make it happen. They have invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours not to mention their leadership “credibility” on a project that can’t or shouldn’t happen…all because they didn’t do their homework correctly on the front end.

To keep you out of this jam let me suggest you VET your building project while it is still a seed thought in your head BEFORE you announce it to the world. Due Diligence beforehand is wise stewardship. If you are already in a jam then reach out to me and let’s talk about your options for “fixing” your situation.

I am offering you three individual products that can protect you and your ministry as you think about building, relocating or renovating your facilities. The links are below. You can purchase any or all of them or subscribe to our “Prepare to Build Series” to gain access to all of our construction training.

When NOT to Build, Relocate or Renovate Your Facilities

Why Church Construction Projects Fail

Vetting your Construction Project: Before you Move Ahead

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Marshall Shannon

Ministry Coach

Pre-Construction Navigator



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