What should pastors be paid?

The Touchy Subject of Staff Compensation

 Fair, Equitable, Reasonable, Generous

Those words mean different things to different people and it can be very uncomfortable for pastors to discuss their own compensation packages.

We have created a product to help guide you through this yearly process.  It answers such things as:

  • Preliminary decisions that should guide each process
  • Eight key elements that should be considered in every Staff’s compensation
  • How to know if you are fairly compensating your staff
  • And many others


You don’t have to have an advanced Math degree either!  

 We can help give you a process that will serve your  present staff and prepare you for future ones as  well.

We are making this product available to you for a mere $7!  We believe so strongly that this is needed by thousands of churches that we are practically giving away the information because we want to help.  We were in that uncomfortable position as a pastor.  We know how it feels and we want to help.

 Click here for more information about Staff Compensation: Planning a Pathway


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