How can you lead your church to more effective outreach?

We’ve been talking about how to avoid a half-baked evangelistic plan. Now let’s talk about how to lead an effective plan. Ed Stetzer and Mike Dodson in Comeback Churches recommend the following tips.

One, begin by being intentional about prayer. Seek God’s wisdom about the methods to use and ask Him for opportunities to share the gospel.

Two, assist your congregation in bringing their unchurched friends, family and associates. Help them not only to bring but to “go and tell”.

Three, look for specific needs in your community that your congregation will be gifted and passionate about meeting. They can build relationships through meeting needs in your community. Now you are teaching and training your congregation to “invite and bring, go and tell, and go and serve”.

Four, use outreach events as gathering points for your congregation. It can give your congregation a concrete reason to invite others to your church.

Fifth, build a promotional platform for your ministry. Let people in your community know about your ministry and why they should attend your services. Develop your social media platform as a tool to get the word out. Don’t rely on word of mouth. Consider using all of the communication tools available today.

Sixth, design, develop and deploy a guest services program that fits your context. Monitor it to make adjustments once you begin to implement it.

The argument is that the more we know about and understand our congregation and community the better we are able to discern how God wants us to reach them.

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