Every Pastor should be a Stewardship Specialist

As a ministry design coach I believe every senior pastor and ministry leader should be a ministry architect. When it comes to stewardship this is no exception. I believe it is the duty of every pastor to strategically evaluate and execute a financial plan to ensure the funding exists to fulfill the ministry God has burned into his heart. Ministry takes money and for most of us I am afraid we are fish out of water when it comes to designing, developing and deploying a financial game plan to fund our ministries. Here are some thoughts from Joel Mikell in Church Giving Matters to help you get started.

“Stewardship is profoundly spiritual before it is financial (Psalm 24:1).
Everything that I have—everything that I am—is a blessing and a gift from God!
Our resources are a sacred trust—God still owns it all!
Stewardship is intimately worshipful (1 Chronicles 29:11–16).
It is about giving God that which we deeply value—just as we offer God our praise and adoration.
It is about commitment and re-surrender!
Stewardship is inextricably connected to our relationship with God and God’s people (Matthew 28:19–20).
Our resources of time, talent, temple, and treasure follow our relationships.
In the local church, it is always about people, relationships, and making disciples.
All ministry takes place in the context of relationships.  
Stewardship demands accountability (Matthew 25:14–30).

The parable of the talents—we will give an account. ROI—are you seeing measurable results?
Stewardship is transformational (Matthew 6:21).
The heart of giving and stewardship is ultimately a matter of the heart.
Giving and generosity not only changes us, it changes what we give to.
Stewardship is God’s business plan for funding the ministries of the church (Matthew 6:33).
He has already given to the church everything that is needed to accomplish what He wants accomplished in His church. God is not cheap or forgetful.
It’s never about available resources; it is always about trust and obedience to release the needed resources!”

Now, the points above are what Joel Mikell believes but what do you believe about stewardship? How often do you teach and talk about it from your pulpit and other communication platforms? Are you shy about talking to your congregation about stewardship, in particular money? Are you your ministry’s stewardship specialist? Someone has to teach, preach, and lead your congregation in this area. I believe it should be you but what do you believe? Let me encourage you to start today to design, develop, and deploy a financial game plan to fund your church’s ministry for years to come.

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