How do you help your congregation understand the role of your mission and your methods?

Have you ever dealt with a person who has confused your church’s mandate and mission with your methods of ministry? I find this a common challenge faced by pastors and ministry leaders. People tend to attach themselves to the methods and think they are permanent. It makes it a difficult if not a dangerous task to lead any changes to improve your ministry’s effectiveness and efficiency in fulfilling your calling. Our world is changing at an alarming rate. The culture is being shaped as I write this. Failure to make adjustments in how we minister is a crucial mistake that has been a part of the reason for the declining influence and effectiveness of the local churches in North America.

Here are some thoughts to help.

Take a moment to ponder the writings of Oswald Chambers concerning Christ and the church.

“The church of Jesus Christ is an organism, we are built up into Him, baptized by one Spirit into one body. Churchianity is an organization: Christianity is an organism. Organization is an enormous benefit until it is mistaken for the life. God has no concern about our organizations. When their purpose is finished He allows them to be swept aside, and if we are attached to the organization, we shall go with it. Organization is a great necessity, but not an end in itself, and to live for any organization is spiritual disaster…”

“Our word ‘church’ is connected with civilized organizations of religious people, our Lord’s attitude to the church is different. He says it is composed of those who have had a personal revelation from God as to who Jesus Christ is, and have made a public declaration of the same. (Matt. 16:13-30)”

How do you help these people understand the difference between Christianity and Churchianity? How do you explain the difference between your mission and the methods used to fulfill it? These and other challenges are why we formed Ministry Design Concepts and Contact us. Perhaps we can help you with this challenge.

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