How Secure are your Church Services?

In light of current events with securing our children at school or at the mall what are you doing to secure the safety of your congregation during your public worship services each week?

Let me encourage you to investigate the in’s and out’s of that question. Recently a pastor contacted me with that very question. He had someone threaten to bomb the church or walk into a service and shoot as many people as they could. What would you do to protect your congregation and guests? Let me suggest being proactive! Get ahead of this possibility before it happens.

There are a multitude of decisions to be made. Here are just a sampling. What do you do first, second, and third? Do you tell your congregation about the threat? If so, how do you tell them, how much do you tell them, what do you tell them, and when do you tell them? Which law enforcement agency do you contact? Do you hire an off duty police officer to be on your campus? If so, for how long? Months, weeks? What if the person threatening your church also threatens the individuals in your congregation? What responsibility do you have? What policies do you put into place to protect your church family, friends and guests? What procedure do you establish? On and on this can go. Researching your particular situation and developing a game plan that can be implemented is critical. Let me urge you get started right now.

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