Vision Casting

Have you ever gone to an optometrist’s office to have your eyes checked? Perhaps you had the opportunity to sit through the lens-flipping exercise to determine the right prescription for your set of glasses or contacts. Do you remember what a difference the right lens made to your vision? With the flip of one lens it could make formerly blurry or nonexistent letters come into focus…clear, crisp focus. Clarity was the result. We all realize the lens didn’t create the letters. They were there all along. The correct lens opens up a clearer field of vision. It helps us see clearly what was there all along.

As leaders we have a duty to lead the way in discovering or discerning God’s vision for our ministry and then we are to serve as a “lens” to help our congregation see His vision with crisp, clear clarity. Your congregation needs to know why your ministry exists, where it is going and how it is going to get there along with the benefits of doing so. While others in your ministry can help cast the vision it is primarily the senior leader’s duty. You have to lead the way. So, what quality “lens” are you? Are you leading them verbally and visually to see God’s vision for your church? Are you bringing God’s “letters” into focus so they can see His vision with clear, crisp clarity?

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