IMPACT: Are you having the one you want?

Most every pastor and ministry leader I talk with desires to make an impact in people’s lives for Christ. We want to make a difference in their lives for eternity. We want to see God glorified in the midst of doing others good. Do you have a plan to make that impact? Here is a simple acrostic to help you get started with developing your own God given plan to impact people’s lives in 2012.

Identify the needy areas and where you see God moving. (people, programs, processes and projects) Where is God inviting you to join Him in what He is doing?

Meditate on your situation and how to improve the needy areas and join God in His movement.

Plan your involvement and investment in a workable format for your particular ministry. (The solution must fit.)

Activate your work force and resources to accomplish the plan.

Communicate and coordinate your efforts as you move forward.

Thank the Lord privately and publicly for the blessings of His provision and protection during the process along with the resulting IMPACT in people’s lives. (God gets the credit and glory!)

May the Lord richly bless your every effort as you seek to impact those within your sphere of influence.

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