Why is vision so important?

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Why is vision so important?

Sep 26 Written by: Marshall Shannon
9/26/2011 8:08 AM  RssIcon

Why is vision important? To answer that question I am taking you behind the scenes of my coaching with a ministry leader and church family. My intent is to show how the pieces fit together to maximize the effectiveness of a ministry for the cause of Christ. Now, having said that, there is not one approach to ministry design that will make all churches successful in fulfilling God’s calling on their particular ministry. This is just one example from a multitude of approaches. My fear is you will read this and borrow it thinking it is the solution to your problem and this approach may not fit you at all. I believe it is best for each approach to be created and tailored specifically for the ministry it will serve. I believe each church is unique and therefore so should the approach. As Gary McIntosh has said “One Size Doesn’t Fit All”. Below is a sampling of correspondence between myself and a pastor.

Good morning Pastor. I have been pondering our next steps after we create the operational manual for each ministry in your church. I am wondering if one of the next two steps should focus on the alignment of each program. Think of a team of horses pulling a wagon. Each horse needs to be coupled together pulling in the same direction with the same destination. Each horse must be in the right place in the lineup and led by you. If you don’t have alignment it may look like someone hitched teams of horses together on every side of the wagon with multiple team leaders sending them off in different directions, each with a different destination…all pulling to their heart’s content. Needless to say, that won’t work to make your ministry effective but it will likely frustrate and dishearten everyone involved. Spinning your ministry wheels is activity but not productivity. Neither is entrenchment in political maneuvering which is addressed in the next paragraph.

This leads to the second step and that is attunement of your personnel. The folks working in each of your ministries must be in agreement with the overall direction and destination of the church along with being the right person in the right ministry in your church. There needs to be harmony among them. Unity and Peace if you will instead of warfare and political maneuvering for control. Now, having said this, I believe it emphasizes the need for us to clearly articulate the vision God has given you for your church so everyone knows His direction and destination for your ministry. I believe your church family needs to take ownership of that vision and passionately pursue it with all their being. There has to be more than intellectual consent to the mission and vision of your church. There must be a personal attachment that is embedded in their souls and lived out in their lives.

As you can see discovering God’s unique plan for your ministry and developing it is critical and crucial. It requires alignment of your efforts and attunement among your people. I believe while a Spirit led ministry will each look different in its shape and form the end result will be glorifying to Christ and effective in mission. So, have you discerned God’s Plan for your ministry and have you aligned everything with that plan? Do you have the right people in the right place in your plan? If so, how is it working?

I hope this little peek behind the scenes gives you some idea of the processes that can be followed to marshal your forces for the ministry to which God has called you and your church.Copyright ©2011 Marshall Shannon

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Re: Why is vision so important?

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