Book Review: Route 66 a Crash Course in Navigating Life with the Bible

The authors take us on a journey to “discover how the 66 books of the Bible help us to know God and how to live for him”. “This book is a crash course in enjoying the breadth and depth of the Bible, packed full of practical help.” They help us with the disconnect, so often present, between the Bible “we know we should treasure and the book we struggle to read”.

Succinctly put the authors “aim” to do several things for the readers. They teach us how to “navigate life with the Bible, allowing God’s word to change our faith and our lives and our character on route”. They give us “skills to help us to translate the Bible, not literally from Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek, but practically into the nitty-gritty of everyday life”. They help us “break away from seeing the Bible as a book we are obliged to study and to see it more as an invitation into the company of the King of Kings”. They seek to inspire us to take the Bible from a head full of knowledge and translate it into practical knowledge that we can live out on a daily basis.

The authors address our heads, hearts and hands as we travel page to page in Route 66. Let me encourage you to buckle up, put on your driving gloves, thinking cap and sun glasses so you can enjoy the journey with the authors as they seek to inspire us to the next levels in our spiritual lives. If your heart needs refreshing or your mind needs a new perspective on how to read the scriptures this book may just be the ticket. Share it with your family, friends and consider using it in your small groups or bible classes. I believe you will be enriched by the contents of its pages.

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